Mercury 12V, 7.5AH Battery

PowerStar batteries are Advanced AGM Technology. (Absorbed Glass Matte)

This 12V 7.5ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery is completely Maintenance Free.

100% sealed and will never leak, even when mounted in a any position.

You can expect a long battery life, up to 10 years in float and back up applications.

"If It's not a PowerStar, it's just a battery"

Product Highlights

Maintenance Free

Spill Proof - Can be used in any Position

Position-Free and Leakage-Free

Low Pressure Venting System

High Recovery Capability

Long Stand by Shelf Life - Low Self Discharge

It is 100% compatible fit to OEM applications including ..

Uninterruptible Power Supply

(UPS) Electric Power System (EPS)

Home Alarm Systems

Garage Door Back Up Power Supply

Electric Scooter

Emergency backup power supply

Home Alarm Systems

Emergency light

Railway signal

Aircraft signal

Communication power supply

DC power supply

  • Industry Leading Warranty - Only offered by PowerStar 3 Year Warranty in Back up/Float Applications 2 Year Warranty all other applications
  • Advanced AGM Technology (Absorbed Glass MAtte) - Dimensions: 5.94 inches x 2.56 inches x 3.86 inches Sealed Construction - Will Never leak - Mount in any Postion Maintenence Free Shock, Vibration Resistant Low Self Discharge High Recoverabilty Low Preasure Venting High Qualiy and Stable Performance
  • Compatible With: BP7.5-12, BP8-12, BSL1075, CFM12V6.5, CP1270, CPSBK3, CY0112, D5743, DG12-7, DJW12-7.0, DJW12-7.2, DMU12-7.5, GP1270, GP1272, GT026P4, HE12V7.7, HR9-12, JC1260, JC1265, MX 12070, NP7-12, NP7-12/A, Opti RBAT-6, PC1270, PE12V6.5, PE12V7.2, PE12V7, PK1280, PXL12072, SH1228W, SL1075, SLA-7-12, SLA0124, SLA1075, SP12-7.5-T1, TP12-7, TP12-7.5, UB1270, UB1280, VS375C, WKA12-7.5F, WP6.5-12, WP7-12, WP7.0-12, WP7.2-12, WP7.5-12, WP8-12, WPX6.0-12, WPX6.5-12, WPX7.0-12, WPX7.6-12
  • Used in Scooters, Razor Scooters General Purpose, UPS Backup, Electric Power Systems, Emergency backup power supply, emergency lighting, Railway signal, aircraft signal, communication power supply, electrical equipment and so much more.
  • If it's not a PowerStar, it's just a battery
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