TD Enterprise was borne out of the need to offer the market a dedicated source for best in class ICT solutions, especially considering the ever-present requirement for individuals, businesses and large corporate organizations to find a solution to their everyday I.T. support and solution needs, regardless of how small or complicated they may be. Strategically structured into the Volume and Value segments, TD Enterprise has become a dependable platform for delivering and providing world-class ICT solutions which meet the requirements of enterprise and government clients. This is justified by the calibre of globally respected brands represented, with the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Vertiv, D-Link, Huawei, DELL-EMC and Kaspersky, going to show the ambition for the business. TD Enterprise is peopled by some of the best brains in the industry who combine their intelligence and creativity with sourcing and making available the latest technology to develop IT solutions that will drive your business.