Mercury Elite 200Amps/12V Battery


Nominal Voltage                                 12v

Rated Capacity(20 Hour Rate)            200ah



20 Hour Rate (10.0A)      200AH

10 Hour Rate (18.4A)      184AH

5  Hour Rate  (32.0A)      160AH

1 Hour Rate   (120.0A)    120AH

15 Minute Rate (328A)     82.0AH

The Mercury  200ah Battery 12V.  Deep cycle leak-proof sealed maintenance-free with wide operating temperature, high-impact resistant cast, and low self-discharge.

This inverter battery comes with a protective tray.   Also in the box are terminal covers that are colour-coded for easy identification of battery polarity.  These protect your battery, Inverter and also yourself from harm.

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