Established with a keen eye on the future of smart technologies and mobile devices, TD-Mobile has quickly acquired a reputation as the biggest distributor of smart mobile devices in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. By virtue of its status as the foremost distributor of genuine smart mobile devices, TD Mobile has become a by-word for reliability in the sector.

As a result, the company has grown from a position of strength to take on and successfully represent some of the most popular smart devices brands in the market including Apple, Infinix, Samsung, Innjoo, Lenovo, Transcend, Tecno, Alcatel, Yezz Mobile, Sony, SanDisk and Wiko, among others, while contributing to the increased proliferation of mobile devices penetration in Nigeria. Today, TD-Mobile enjoys the prime status of being the distributor of first mention for every smart device brand eager to make an impression in the marketplace.

With its wide distribution network and presence in major Nigerian cities and other West African capitals, TD-Mobile possesses the latent capacity to take every brand on its stable to every nook and cranny in the hinterlands and to every action station in any metropolis. Apart from pioneering the use of online serial number confirmations which allows user authentication of all mobile devices, TD-Mobile has also carried on the legacy of its parent company, Technology Distributions Limited, by distributing only genuine products sourced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

About Us

Launched with an eye on the future of smart technologies in Africa and as a timely response to the dynamic and changing face of the industry and end-user requirements, TD Mobile is an arm of Technology Distributions Ltd. with expertise and renowned capacity in the distribution of mobile devices. With its renowned reputation as a distributor of genuine mobile devices sourced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), TD Mobile has become a by-word for reliability in the industry. As a result, the company has grown from a position of strength to become the foremost distributor of smart mobile devices in the West African sub-region.

Boasting a wide distribution network and presence in major Nigerian cities and other West African capitals, TD Mobile is a major player in the market and currently the largest distributors for the various brands represented in the smart phones and mobile devices space. These include Techno, Lenovo, Infinix, Nokia, Wiko, Innjoo, Yezz and Zuri, HP among others.

In addition to a wide product portfolio presently distributed which includes phablets, tablets and smart phones from renowned brands, TD Mobile leverages on existing IT relationships with various brands for all our B2B mobile phone projects and have been instrumental in growing various multi-national brands in Africa, currently representing over 20 OEMs in the ICT space. We have managed, within a short period of our existence, to build an impeccable credibility that makes TD Mobile the distributor of choice and the toast of every OEM in the market. Having deliberately grown many resellers and supported so many others in various ways including training, operational and financial support; TD Mobile today has, to her credit, a decent list of highly loyal partners and remains the biggest provider of credit to the Nigerian market.

Our people, the TD Mobile team consists of well-educated, brilliant, energetic and committed young men and women whose enthusiasm and expertise continue to captivate our business partners and other clients, while ensuring optimum delivery on service level agreements. They each embody the ‘can do’ spirit which TD Mobile has become renowned for. As our most prized assets, we invest heavily in them through continuous training to update their product knowledge as well as their managerial, marketing and support skills.

Value Proposition

Authentic Products and Manufacturer’s Warranty: TD Mobile has become a by-word for reliability and authenticity in the field. Our existing and growing partnerships with internationally renowned brands has enabled us build a legacy of distributing only genuine products sourced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Furthermore, TD Mobile has gone beyond this to ensure that smart mobile devices distributed come with unique guarantee of online serial number confirmations which allows user authentication of all mobile devices. The foregoing ensures that any item or product distributed by TD Mobile comes with a guarantee of quality.

Customer-Centric Focus: TD Mobile has taken the business of customer service to the next level through our hands-on, responsive approach to the relationships with our customer. At TD Mobile, you can count on a personalized, customer-focused business experience which reinforces our status as a customer-facing organization.

Unmatched after-sales support infrastructure: The place of after-sales support in the mobile devices sphere cannot be under-estimated. Hence, TD Mobile has put in resources and effort in ensuring that our customers receive the best of after-sales support through our in-house support infrastructure. In addition to our relationships with the OEMs which enables us provide first rate support on the various brands represented, our customers can also count on the considerable professional and technical expertise of our support team at TD Plus, who are always on hand, round the clock, to resolve any issues the customer may encounter with any device distributed by us.

Key Locations: TD Mobile is arguably the only indigenous mobile devices distributor with a physical presence in all the key action centres as well as remote locations all over the country. With our branches in major Nigerian cities as well as a rapid expansion drive into key West African capitals, we have the requisite presence to make your products seen wherever they are required. Added to this is our unique understanding of various remote terrains and locations which has gone a long way in making TD Mobile a ubiquitous presence in these centres.

Rich Reseller Base: Due to our legacy of reliability and enviable status as a major player in the industry, TD Mobile commands a large share of the market, with an ever-increasing base of loyal, committed resellers who have served as a credible vehicle for diffusing the brands we represent near and wide. TD Mobile also enjoys the status of being the biggest provider of credit in the Nigerian market which has helped grow many more start-ups.

Reach in Corporate Space: TD Mobile occupies pride of place as the prime distributor of mobile and smart devices to organizations and establishments in the corporate space. Our reach and capacity to deliver the most pocket-friendly bargains without compromising on quality have endeared us to the biggest names in the corporate sector.

Cutting-edge Technology: In line with our mission of making ICT products accessible, affordable and usable across Africa by building an efficient distribution network, TD Mobile deploys state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which helps us manage and interpret data from our diverse business activities such as product planning, cost management, marketing and sales, among others. Through this, we are able to provide feedback on key bottom-line information such as sell-out reporting, demand and supply differentials, inventory and stock reporting levels, sales effectiveness and financial analysis, among others.

Structure and Organization: With our decentralized distribution system, structured processes, sound logistics and motivated work force, TD Mobile remains one of the most organized companies in the field. We are proud to state that at TD Mobile, efficiency meets effectiveness in all spheres of our operations.

Low Margin Policy: Due to our sheer economies of scale, TD Mobile operates a low margin policy which ultimately encourages higher product turnover. Our competitive price portfolio aligned to the large volume turnover on all the brands we represent has made us the preferred name in the distribution of mobile and smart devices in Nigeria and beyond.

Multi-platform reach and Strategic Partnership/Alliances: TD Mobile boasts of a multi-platform reach which cuts across the informal devices market where we have maintained a significant presence. This is in addition to our budding relationships with major online shopping outlets such as Jumia, Konga and Yudala, which holds the unique feature of combining retail outlets all over the country with a strong online presence. We are also in advanced negotiations with the big players in the telecoms sector, with a view to becoming sole devices supplier for these firms. Furthermore, TD Mobile has gone into strategic partnerships with a number of international airlines which will further maintain our status as the undisputed leader in the mobile devices distributions field.

Logistics: Our strength in the area of logistics consists of a combination of activities, ranging from professional operations specialists, foreign logistics partners to ground/local logistics partners. Our capabilities in the area of logistics means we are able to take inventory of sizeable quantity of smart devices and ICT products by sea or by air and distribute same within the shortest possible time to our various locations and resellers within the country and beyond.

Global Presence: TD Mobile has, over the years, established a strong global presence in various continents. With our head office in Lagos and with branches all over Nigeria and in other parts of the world, a sound logistics architecture is paramount to our continued business success. In line with our understanding of the complexities associated with distributions and logistics coupled with the passion to diffuse ICT spread across Africa and beyond, we have strategically positioned our global operations with functional hubs in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Dubai.

Strong Financials and Forex handling: With our healthy financials and considerable access to foreign exchange through our partnership with a UK-based financial partner, TD Mobile has the requisite fiscal capacity and scale to maintain a steady cash flow which helps us follow through on commitments and manage new projects.

Flexible payment options: Our payment options include online, telegraphic transfer, cheque, cash, hypothecation and bank guarantee as well as many other creative options designed to fit the peculiarities of the client.


We have expanded our product portfolio to include a wide range of smartphones and tablets from international brands in line with the mission to strengthen the growth of ICT in Africa. These products carry the OEM warranty and the exceptional support TD is known for.

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